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I. What is the difference between TDP & SLP?

Teachers Development Program (TDP) caters to PEF partner schools' Teachers.
School Leadership Program (SLP) caters to PEF partner schools' Head Teachers.

II. What are the characteristics of TDP & SLP?

Following are the characteristics of TDP & SLP.

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III. How much does a training cost to the school?

Training of head teachers & teachers of all PEF programs are conducted by CPDP free of cost.

IV. What is a school expected to do prior to training?

Prior to trainings, school’s owner/principal must do following two things:

  1. Fill up teachers data in Teachers Information System (TIS)
  2. Give consents of teachers and head teacher

V. Who conduct TDP & SLP?

Master Trainers/ Teachers trainers of CPDP conduct TDP & SLP trainings.

VI. Is one training enough for my teachers?

Every trainee will go through 2 levels of training. After completion of both levels, next training may be planned as per need.

VII. Why should I send my teachers to training?

Purpose of sending teachers and head teachers for training is :

  1. For professional development of head teachers and teachers
  2. To secure good marks in Quality Assurance Test (QAT)
  3. To get good grade in school’s categorization by PEF.

Moreover trainings will also help in pursuing following achievements :

  • Improve the school image & prestige
  • Make easier for principals’ to retain effective teachers
  • Encourage the teachers to become effective classroom practitioner
  • Incentivize the certified teachers with Rs. 5ooo
  • Incentivize the certified teachers with Rs. 5000 annually upon retention

VIII. What if teachers do not want to come to training?

It will not only waste PEF resources but affect your repute and performance. School may be penalized for consistent non-participation in offered trainings.

IX. Why is it important to give consent of teachers/ head teachers or/and fill consent forms to attend trainings?

  • Consent is the commitment of school owners/ principals to allowing teachers to attend trainings
  • It is the recognition of teachers to be nominated for trainings.
  • CPDP’s trainers may verify the nominated teachers/ head teachers as per consent letter.
  • It is necessary for CPDP keeping in view the safety / security measures.
  • It is also necessary for CPDP to disburse honorarium to training participants.

X. How often do I need to update Teacher Information System (TIS)?

The TIS should be updated as and when a teacher/ head teachers leaves the school or/and joins the school and attends a training.

XI. Why is it necessary to update the TIS?

The updated TIS will help CPDP in cluster formation and knowing the retained teachers/ head teachers. This will also help CPDP to make honorarium participants to certified and retained teachers.

XII. How trained teachers will be able to receive training honorarium and refreshment amount?

For trained teachers to receive their training honorarium and refreshment amount, it is imperative that their respective School Owners timely update the accurate data of trained teachers (Name, CNIC and Contact Number) in Teacher Information System (TIS).

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